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Creative South 2014

This Thursday I am going to be on my way to Creative South with my girlfriend, Kathryn Requard, and I cannot portray how excited this makes me. Creative South, for all who do not know, is a design conference held annually in Columbus, GA where many designers from all over the nation come together and network, share trade secrets, and a variety of other fun activities. So as you can imagine, it is going to be a great time for everyone who attends.

"Creative South is one of the premier art and design events in the Southeast. It started four years ago as a grassroots event. Unlike any other conference, Creative South prides itself in nurturing personal design conversations with the creative community at all levels. It’s far more than just a networking event. With expanded educational workshops this year, more music and entertainment, the 2014 event will draw an even greater crowd.

Creative South exposes creative and marketing professionals, business people, and students to key speakers on the subject of branding and design in the digital era. It’s a showcase of cutting-edge design and arts trends, but served up on a Southern tablecloth."

Creative South has an incredible line up for this year. The line up includes powerhouse designers such as:

Justin Mezzell

Alonzo Felix

Danielle Evans

Focus Lab

Justin Pervorse

Allan Peters

Sean McCabe

Scott Fuller

Nathan Yoder

& many, many more.

I cannot wait to hear all of these individuals discuss their trade and to hear what makes them do what they do.

Not only at Creative South will they have amazing designers but you can catch Typefight Live as designers battle it out in designing different typography. You can also swing on over to Ink Wars and watch designers battle it out while you watch their creations come to life.

Basically, what I am trying to say is what are you waiting for?! Go grab a ticket to this fantastic event while there are still some available. Come say hello, learn from these established designers and get inspired. Even if you are someone who is just starting out in design there is no better time to learn.

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